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Bayreuther Historisches Kolloquium: Prof. Dr. Carola Lentz (Mainz) "Imagining futures: Memory and belonging in an African family"

18 Uhr (c.t.) - 20 Uhr
GW II, H 27

The presentation explores the history of remembering and the politics of memory making – and associated changes in belonging – in one extended African family in Northern Ghana. Like many other families in the region, this family has developed, over the past century, from an ensemble of subsistence-farming patrilineages in a segmentary society into a professionally diverse and geographically dispersed extended family in a post-colonial nation-state. The lecture explores how these radical transformations of livelihoods, opportunities of social mobility and life styles have shaped the modes of remembering family history and imagining the family’s future. The presentation is also part of the current lecture series “Histories of the Future in Modern Africa and Beyond” in African History (Prof. A von Oppen).

– Carola Lentz is Professor at the Institute for Anthropology and African Studies of the Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz and Vice President of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences

All interested are warmly invited!

Flyer zum Vortrag

Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Felicitas Ulrike Kahle

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